Project SkinKeeper

Status: Launched!


SkinKeeper for iPhone is one of a new breed of e-health applications that allows patients to monitor their own moles, and partner with their doctor to assess them.

Using SkinKeeper, patients can capture photos and information about moles that concern them, and update these over time to note if they change in any way. They can also capture information about their family history of skin cancer, and other risk factors that doctors need to make an informed decision about a mole. Patients can then print or email detailed reports and share these with their doctor.

SkinKeeper at a glance

We wanted to design an e-health app that was powerful enough to save a patient’s life, but simple enough for anyone to pick up and use immediately. With SkinKeeper, we think we’ve struck a good balance between power and simplicity. Get it now.

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Project Suddenly, Health

Status: Started!


Suddenly, Health is looking at ways to get peopleconnected to healthcare professionals in ways that are surprising and novel. Building on our knowledge and connections in the skin health world that we built up with our first project, SkinKeeper, we will be focussing our efforts on three ideas over the next two years:

1. Skin Health Goes Social - people are increasingly sharing their lives online. Their photos are everywhere - from Facebook to Google+, bouncing around the Twittersphere and getting hipstered up on Instagram. So when someone sees a close-up of their mate, and there's a mole in focus that seems a bit odd -we want people give them a nudge and suggest that it gets a mention at their next visit to the doctor.

2. The Annual Skin Check - we want to get general practitioners and dermatologists outof their office and down to the beach,, for one day a year during Skin Cancer Awareness Week, to assess people's moles of concern and give them free skin health advice.

3. Teledermatology 2.0 - using simple, cheap and robust technology and high-quality training to get people in remote locations, far from a clinic or doctor's office, connected up to GPs and dermatologists, using on-site nurses, midwives and community healthcare workers as intermediaties.

SuddenlyHealth at a glance

Suddenly health will use creative thinking to get healthcare to people in unlikely but clinically safe ways. Can you help us make it happen? Then get in touch!

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