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The Health Safari Pty Ltd to release SkinKeeper, an iPhone app to help patients partner with their doctors to monitor their moles

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – 5 March 2012 – The Health Safari Pty Ltd will launch its first mobile app today – SkinKeeper for iPhone. SkinKeeper is one of a new breed of e-health applications that allows patients to monitor their own moles, and partner with their doctor to assess them.

Using SkinKeeper, patients can capture photos and information about moles that concern them, and update these over time to note if they change in any way. They can also capture information about their family history of skin cancer, and other risk factors that doctors need to make an informed decision about a mole. Patients can then print or email detailed reports and share these with their doctor.

“We wanted to design an e-health app that was powerful enough to save a patient’s life, but simple enough for anyone to pick up and use immediately,” says Darren Menachemson, founder and creative director of The Health Safari Pty Ltd. “With SkinKeeper, we think we’ve struck a good balance between power and simplicity.”

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The app has been designed with a focus on usability and clinical safety. But it was also designed to get people motivated about taking control of their skin health. “We’re excited to launch the SkinKeeper app,” says Menachemson “We think it will make a big impact on how people look after their skin, not only by helping them monitoring their moles, but by teaching them what to look for, and how to look for it.”

Expanding on the point of clinical safety, Menachemson adds, “The app does not try to ‘diagnose’ skin cancer – because we don’t think that this type of mobile technology is anywhere near mature enough to be clinically safe. Rather, our emphasis is enhancing patients’ relationship with their healthcare provider, helping them track their moles, and growing their personal awareness and knowledge.”

The company is an Australian-based start-up, and has partnered with talent from within Australia and across the globe to make the app into something special. ”We plan to release the app in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the UK and in Europe – basically everywhere with high incidence of skin cancer.”

“The app was funded in part by the Australian Capital Territory’s government, under it’s Business and Industry Development grant program. They’re a great example of Government getting it right, and we have enjoyed working with them,” adds Carson.

The Health Safari makes apps to help people, communities and the planet. For more information on the company or their SkinKeeper app, you can visit

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