Designing SkinKeeper

Getting the design right...or else Today, I spent some time at a Government event talking about stories of innovation from around the world. I discussed how farmers in Uganda are being hooked up through low-tech mobile phones to get real-time access to high-quality technical agricultural information, how Iceland had crowdsourced its new constitution using social media, how a social entrepreneur in San Francisco has kids learning to love learning, and how here in Australia, government agencies are using ethnographic ...


We have office space!

Since Darren has done all the hard work in designing SkinKeeper and bringing it to fruition, I thought it was about time I did some heavily lifting. And I mean literally. We had a desk in the spare room and a bit of space in the dining room, so I put my gloves on and got to work. Meaning, I called Darren to move the bookshelf. With a keen eye and a measuring tape, we rearranged all the furniture in our dining ...