The Health Safari is a young company with a big vision.

We believe that connected innovation can help people to be healthier, participate in their community, and live in a way that's sustainable and in tune with their environment.

Whether it's connecting a patient to their doctor by letting them share health information, connecting a community together to help them overcome local challenges, the power of technology is really about making the power of people more effective. This excites us very much. It also made our motto a no-brainer:

We make things that help people, communities and the planet.

But who is The Health Safari? Well, the company has two permanent staffers, who are also its directors, thinkers and coffee runners. They're also married (and their honeymoon earlier this year included a safari. Coincidence?).

This is Darren

Darren Menachemson is one of The Health Safari's directors, and its founder. He spends a lot of time thinking, designing, and talking to people.

Darren has worked on some of the largest public sector projects in Australia. He specialises in solving wickedly complex problems by designing user experiences and the service architecture that makes them happen.

Darren has been a senior executive, a public design consultant, a project manager, an interaction designer, a social researcher and a business architect. His main areas of focus are about human services, health, taxation and Government 2.0.

Darren speaks at a range of peak conferences, most recently Service Design Australia, User Experience Australia and Web Directions South. When he's not doing something worky, he's generally cycling, running, playing his guitar or Scottish fiddle, or travelling somewhere interesting.

This is Jade

Jade Carson is the other director of The Health Safari. She spends her time making the business work - she's the numbers gal, the planner, the marketing strategist and the problem solver.

Jade is an experienced professional who has worked extensively in corporate governance, risk management, policy/procedural management and the assessment of emerging technologies.

Jade has lived in Australia and Japan. She has a Bachelor of International Business from Flinders University, and several post-graduate qualifications from Australian and USA universities.

Jade is a deep design thinker with a strong, strategic operational focus. She likes travelling to distant climes, learning new things, collecting fine wines and occasionally has an urge to restore furniture.

Our development partners

Although The Health Safari is based in Australia, we have a couple of awesome suppliers spread across the globe.

In Australia (particularly, Canberra), we have a whole host of advisors, including our super-smart financial advisor, a brilliant legal expert who's knowledge of the law and the online world blows us away, and a couple of truly talented medical experts who have helped shape our products and provide design insights and review.

In California, we have some technology development partners an amazing job of taking our designs and turning them into tangible products, and bring a lot of creative and collaborative momentum to our projects.

We also have a small host of Australian start-up mentors, design assurers, alpha and beta testers and good mates who give us encouragement, enthusiasm and energy.

We are proudly assisted by the Australian Capital Territory Government.

We'd like to acknowledge the ACT Business Innovation Development Program. They heard our idea for our first app, and not only got it, but believed in it, and gave it the breath of life with generous seed funding. From that belief, The Health Safari came into existence.

They're a great example of Government getting it right, and we at The Health Safari think that they are absolutely awesome. Thanks, guys.

We support One Disease at a Time

One Disease at a Time is a non-profit organisation that has a simple but groundbreaking vision: to systematically target and eliminate one disease at a time. We love this project because it is credible, bold, and has a big vision and the capability to actually make it happen. Find out more about them at the One Disease at a Time website.

One Disease at a Time